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PROVO DENTIST - Dr. David Bennett's Deployment to Central America

Dear Advanced Dental Care family,

I know many of you already know this but to those who do not, I am a dental officer in the United States Army Reserves. When I joined four years ago, I knew there would be a possibility I would get activated, little did I know that it would be the summer of 2016. The Army has called me up to serve a four month mission to Central America. I will be stationed at an Airbase in Honduras where I will be placed with a team of doctors to administer to the soldiers and general population. I will be the only dentist on the team. There is a huge need down there to alleviate suffering of all kinds especially relating to teeth. As some of you know, teeth and jaw pain can be the most horrendous type. There will also be physicians, general surgeons, and other specialists that will help with many other general health problems.

One of the goals of our mission is to build stronger ties the United States and Central American Countries. In a world where there is so much conflict, it is necessary to build better relations with neighboring countries. We need allies that will join with us to fight the enemies of peace and our way of life. We will be working closely with the local governments and assisting the people in our specific areas of expertise. I am very excited to go back to where I was sent 20 years previous as a missionary. I never would have thought I would be going back there as a dentist in the Army. Things don’t change much down there. It is still very 3rd world but the people are generally good. Many of the countries in Central America are plagued with drugs and corruption. In attempting to lift themselves out of poverty and how difficult life is, they turn selling and using drugs. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult cycle to overcome.

The main reason I joined the military was to give back to the country I love. I feel it’s our duty as citizens of the greatest country on earth to continue the legacy of our inspired founders and ancestors. Many suffered and died to preserve the freedoms that are often trampled upon and are why we are here today.

I want to ease your mind that all of your dental needs will still be taken care of. My brother, Dr. Mike Bennett and Dr. Bill Francis will be covering most Fridays for me. They have their own practices but have been so kind to fill in while I’m away. On the other days, (Tuesday through Thursday) Dr. Lindsay Curtis will cover. He is a great man and dentist. I have interviewed many dentists for this position and will continue the type of practice that we have, focusing on high quality dentistry and excellent patient service. He was a dentist in Ogden for many years, sold his practice and I am lucky to have him part of our team this summer. All of these family dentists that are helping fill my absence are very experienced in taking care of your dental needs. My staff will be instrumental in making this summer a success. They will continue to give the best customer service and clinical care that you all deserve.

Very Respectfully,

Major David A. Bennett, DDS, US Army

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