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Mercury Free Dentistry Provo

mercury free dentistry Provo

At Advanced Dental Care we offer mercury-free dentistry to provide safer and more environmentally friendly dental treatment. Years ago, the standard treatments for cavities and decay were fillings made from mercury or amalgam material.


This material not only gave patients’ teeth a metal appearance, but the mercury content, however small, also may have increased health risks. Plus, dental offices would need to engage in extensive filtration processes before they could dispose of mercury material.


With composite materials now the standard in dental practices such as ours, we are able to offer completely mercury-free treatments such as tooth-colored fillings, which are not only safer but also allow for more natural-looking results. We can even replace previous mercury fillings you may have had for years with “white” fillings!


Call our office today at 801-375-1414 or click on the link above to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn more about Mercury Free Dentistry! 

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