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electronic dental records provo

Electronic Dental Records Provo

“Paperless Dentistry” is defined as the practical use of computers as “force multipliers” or “electronic levers” so we can provide more and better patient care in shorter time with less effort.


In many dental practices, the paper records are often close to illegible because they involve so many hastily hand-written notes. It is not uncommon for a mature practice to have boxes and boxes of inactive charts stored in a garage or basement. But computer storage is essentially infinite. One hundred years of patient records can be stored in a device about the size of a cell phone. Paper records are very susceptible to fire and flood damage. But in a well-computerized office all records are duplicated and easily retrievable from backups, if it ever becomes necessary.

Paper should no longer be used for storage, searching or sorting! 


These tasks are much better done by computer. The advantages of paperless dentistry are not determined by the brand of dental software. They are determined by how well the office uses the software. Quality dentistry is determined by the skill of the dentist, not the brand of his or her dental hand-piece…It’s the painter, not the brush!


At Advanced Dental Care all of our electronic records are securely password protected to ensure your maximum privacy and safety.


Among all other records in Advanced Dental Care, the dental images (x-rays, intra-oral camera images and extra-oral digital photographs) provide another practical illustration of how our paperless dental practice uses storage, while searching and sorting records very seamlessly.


We invite you to come and experience the difference at Advanced Dental Care and what Electronic Records can do for you! Call our office today at 801-375-1414 or click on the link below to request an appointment! 

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