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5 Ways to Keep Your Smile Healthy and Looking Young

We all have in common one thing, we get older every day. Many things happen as we age such as wrinkles, low energy levels, age spots and a fading smile. Teeth also age. Enamel wears away and teeth will stain and turn yellow.

With spring is just around the corner your Provo cosmetic dentist wants to remind you oral health is important is you want to keep your smile looking fresh and healthy. Here are five tips you can do at home.

Always Floss, Floss, Floss

Missing even one day can open your gums to an attack from bacteria. It is therefore, important to floss daily to avoid problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Unfortunately, brushing alone does not clean between your teeth. To remove food particles and plaque caught around and under your gums, flossing is required. If the plaque is not removed then it will harden into tarter. Brushing and flossing help slow the creation of tarter, but only your cosmetic dentist can completely remove it.

Watch What You Eat & Drink

Good oral health includes not only your brushing and flossing habits but also what you eat. Eating healthy will help to ensure your teeth will last a lifetime. Why? There are certain types of food and drinks that can damage your teeth even though tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your body. Too much sugar and acids such as citrus fruits and wine can cause this damage. Instead eat calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, and nuts help protect your tooth enamel.

Try OTC Tooth Whitening

Having your smile look bright is one way to keep it looking bright and youthful. Over the counter teeth whitening can help. There are many types of products that offer whitening and stain removal benefits such as toothpastes, strips and gels. How much you use will be specific to each person. Before choosing a whitening product talk with your Provo cosmetic dentist what is right for you.

Chew Sugarless Gum

After you have rinsed your mouth out with water, pop in a piece of sugarless gum. According to the ADA or the American Dental Association, chewing gums increases saliva flow. Just make sure it’s sugar-free and contains xylitol! Saliva flow helps wash away food and debris which is especially good for older people who typically have a diminished salivary flow.

Drink Water

Not many people are aware that one of the best ways to counteract the negative effects of what we consume is by drinking water! Keep in mind though that tooth enamel softens when you eat and drink so don’t brush or at least 30 minutes afterwards.

Good oral health does not happen by chance. It takes energy and time to keep your smile looking healthy and young!

Call Provo’s best cosmetic dentist, Dr. David Bennett today at 801-375-1414!

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