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Dental Care for the Aging Population

Chances are if you are in your sixties you already have a great dentist, someone you have been seeing for years. However, if you have recently relocated to a new area, looking for a change or lost your dental professional to retirement you make be looking for a new Provo Dentist.

Aging Population Means Older Dental Patients

For the past decade or so we have heard quite a bit about the graying of American. The impact from the aging population has effect everything from workforce to healthcare. However, people are living healthier and longer lives due to advances in medicine and changes in lifestyle.

As the senior population continues to change and enlarge, these older patients will present new needs. This may mean reduced dexterity and mobility which then results in the ability to maintain proper oral care and an increase in other medical issues. All of these situations may deter an older patient’s ability to see their Provo cosmetic dentist.

Common problems related to getting older include:

  • Gum Disease: As we get older it oftentimes can become harder to brush and floss. Because of this, we recommend an electric toothbrush and flosser or water pick. If gum disease is left untreated tooth loss can result.

  • Dry Mouth: This can be a side effect of many medications which include those used to treat high blood pressure and cholesterol. Saliva is extremely important in fighting decay or cavities

  • Cavities: One of the main reasons older adults begin to see an increase in cavities is because their ability to produce saliva decreases. Additionally, cavities can also occur because in the decline and attention to daily oral hygiene.

It is so important to maintain your dental hygiene but especially as we get older. Otherwise you put yourself at risk for not only dental but medical problems as well.

Finding the Right Dentist for You

One of the most difficult factors facing older adults is a complete lack of or very limited dental insurance coverage. If you retire at the age of 67, you give up your work-sponsored dental coverage. That means when you’re looking for Utah’s best dentist, cost may be a concern. It is however, still extremely important to visit your Provo cosmetic dentist on a regular basis.

To Make Sure you Select the Best Dentist for you, consider:

  • Background: Find a dentist specializes in treating the elderly. Ask about their ability to provide special accommodations and accessibility especially if you have a walker or wheelchair.

  • Recommendation: Talk to other seniors who they see for their dental care needs

  • Location: Find a dentist that is easy for you to reach or it may make it extremely difficult to go there.

It is important to find the right Provo dentist. Take time to ask questions and research before selecting Provo’s Cosmetic dentist.

Call Advanced Dental Care today at 801-375-1414 to schedule an appointment!

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