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Dental Implants

As your Provo dentist at Advanced Dental Care will tell you, aging causes the human body to change. The National Institute of Health (NIH) suggests there are eight areas that frequently show the signs of aging. Among these are the skin and dental area.

As people age facial wrinkling and sagging naturally increases. However, those with missing teeth may appear to age even more rapidly. The reason is the lack of support from a strong jawbone along with the appearance of non-age-related wrinkles.

Your Provo dentist can help correct this problem using dental implants. Dental implants offer support as well as the pressure required to maintain a healthy jawbone.

Role Dental Implants Play in Preventing Facial Collapse

Tooth loss often results in bone loss due to the lack of chewing pressure and stimulation in that portion of the mouth. When this happens, the body reabsorbs the bone. Eventually, it becomes so severe that even dental implants may become impractical without bone grafting.

The longer you wait to replace teeth, the more the jawbone recedes. Wait long enough and your Provo dental implant dentist might not be able to repair the damage. Even a removable denture won’t stay in place due to insufficient jawbone.

Without natural or prosthetic teeth, you won’t be able to chew and eat. This could lead to malnutrition and cause additional physical and mental health problems.

Benefits of Dental Implants Now

When it comes to tooth loss, it’s to your advantage to place dental implants immediately rather than to deal with bone loss later on.

First, tooth loss in one area affects the rest of your mouth. Without teeth, your tongue spreads into the space and your face collapses. A collapse in one area affects your other healthy teeth as they take up the work of the missing teeth and try to fill in any gaps. This shifting can cause additional problems.

Next, if your Provo cosmetic dentist has to rebuild your jawbone through grafting, it will take more time and cost more money. Better to get a dental implant as soon as you lose a tooth than take a chance you’ll cause further damage to your mouth.

Finally, the most obvious reason to replace missing teeth is one of aesthetics. While several missing teeth may result in facial collapse, even one missing tooth can ruin the look of your smile. “Smiles are important in helping you present a more-positive image to others, calming you, and actually making you feel happier.

If you have missing teeth, call our Provo implant dentist Dr. David Bennett at Advanced Dental Care at 801-375-1414.

Dental implants help maintain a healthy mouth, prevent facial collapse, and improve your smile.

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