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A Refreshing Approach
To Dentistry

Welcome to patient-centered dentistry, where your overall health and wellness is our ultimate goal!


At Advanced Dental Care we value each patient and want every experience with our Doctors and staff to be the best dental experience possible. With Doctors specializing in oral surgery, sleep/TMJ pain, and much more, we can provide so many services to you all in one location!


We know you have a lot of options but we promise to show you we always have YOUR best interest at heart.

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I have never, NEVER liked going to the dentist.  It's always been a painful process for me and I've never been a fan of having someone THIS CLOSE to my mouth/face.  I feel like I'm home the moment I enter the doors at Advanced Dental Care...  

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We've been going here for years. They are always on top of what is needed and will bend over backwards to help you.

Tina R.

Dr. Dave and his assistant put in a permanent crown on Thursday without having to have them numb the area. The entire procedure took less than a half hour. I had no pain during or after my visit.

The entire team here is amazing. 
I always love it when I go to Advanced Dental Care.

Sandy R.

Michael H.

broken tooth

Restore your teeth to their original beauty thanks to tooth-colored fillings, seamless dental crowns, and more.

dental emergencies

Dental emergencies never come at a good time. Thankfully, our team can help you get back to normal in a flash. 

straighter smile

Now's your chance to enjoy a life-changing smile transformation. You'll wish you had done it sooner!

dental cleaning

These routine visits help make sure that your teeth look their best, function properly, and prevent major problems down the road. 

smile upgrade

Get rid of any gaps, stains, chips, or anything else that's holding you back and enjoy an immediate abundance of confidence.

gum disease

Noticed any blood when brushing or flossing recently?

Do your gums seem swollen, puffy, or abnormally red? Click here to see if you may be seeing signs of gum disease.

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