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sonic fill
Sonic Fill 

SonicFill is the latest in tooth filling technology that allows Provo cosmetic dentist Dr. David Bennett to get a more precise, esthetically pleasing restoration. The new filling material is ultrasonically vibrated into the tooth which prevents bubbles and gaps from forming. This also increases the speed at which fillings are done which lessens your time in the chair. Besides getting a beautiful filling in a quicker amount of time it also minimizes or completely eliminates sensitivity afterwards. These fillings are hardly detectable once placed.


Advanced Dental Care is consistently pursing the latest, most effective technology which is essential to our ability to provide the highest level of patient care. SonicFill is one of the new and exciting technologies that allows our patients to receive a more comfortable, efficient, and positive dental experience.


For more information about SonicFill or to schedule an appointment call 801-375-1414 or click to request an appointment. 


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