Urgent Dental Care


People may often dread the next scheduled visit to the dentist, but when when a dental emergency develops, there's nothing they want more than an immediate appointment. There are certain measures that people can take to protect their teeth and avoid such emergencies, from wearing mouth guards to avoiding chewing very hard things, but accidents inevitably happen. When an injury comes at an inconvenient time and you need urgent dental care, you can count on Advanced Dental Care to provide you with emergency dental services as quickly as possible!


Emergency Dental Services


Instead of packing his schedule full of appointments, Dr. David Bennett at Advanced Dental Care leaves room in his schedule so that he can do his best to accommodate emergencies. Having access to emergency dental services can spare patients from significant pain, as well as possible complications like infection or the loss of a tooth.


Prompt and professional care is not just preferable, but also essential, for patients facing certain dental problems. Knowing who to turn to and trust during those situations can save patients plenty of time, stress, and even money, both during the initial procedure and in the future.

Dental Emergencies


Broken or cracked teeth, lost teeth, and objects wedged between teeth can all constitute dental emergencies. Even severe and inexplicable tooth pain can be an indicator of an emergency. Patients who need to see a provo emergency dentist, and may suffer from complications or negative effects if they don't receive prompt treatment, should call Advanced Dental Care to receive immediate emergency care from Provo dentist Dr. David Bennett.


Emergency Dentistry
emergency dentistry

​Contact us at (801) 375-1414 if you are experiencing a dental emergency.